Weather Finally Smiles on Wheat Harvest

Weather Finally Smiles on Wheat Harvest

Storms batter north central Kansas wheat, but harvest is in full swing across most of the rest of the state; many loads testing above desired 12% protein.

Hot, dry and windy weather has wheat harvest in full swing across Kansas.

Today's report from Kansas Wheat notes the only area of the state not cutting wheat is a four-county area in north central Kansas where an outbreak of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes dropped widespread hail that wiped out whole fields of wheat.

Coops in south central Kansas, where harvest is about half done, say the good news for many farmers is that much of the wheat is coming in high in protein with levels ranging from 11.5% to 14%. Many locations are paying a premium for wheat above 12% protein because export markets are only buying high-protein wheat and much of last year's harvest was low in protein.

Custom harvesting crews are just now getting to Greensburg, where the Southern Plains Co-op had taken in 195,000 bushels as of Sunday. With harvest just getting underway, early yield reports are in excess of 55-60 bushels per acre. Test weight average is 60-61 pounds per bushel but no protein tests have been received yet.
Kansas Wheat Commissioner Dean Stoskopf in Barton County began harvesting Saturday, where widespread rains last week left plenty of mudholes to combine around. Moisture is in the 12% range, test weights average about 62 pounds per bushel. Area farmers are reporting yields of about 50 bushels per acre.

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