Weather Pattern is Predicted to be Neutral

Neutral weather opens crops up to other influences.

The National Climate Prediction Center has revised its prediction of global weather patterns for the next few months. According to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, the forecast issued indicates neither El Nino nor La Nina during that timeframe. With the dry conditions in the Southeast and the wetter than normal weather in the Midwest, neutral weather would seem to be positive, but Rippey says that isn't necessarily true.

"When you have a neutral condition in the Pacific that kind of throws things wide open; a lot of other influences outside of the Pacific Basin can affect U.S. weather," Rippey says. "With the neutral conditions expected to continue into the fall months, that really doesn't give us anything to hang our hats on as far as the forecast goes. We are going to have to look to other factors for what is going to influence the weather this fall, winter and perhaps next spring."

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