Web Site Helps Fight Oxidative Stress in Dairy Cows

Web Site Helps Fight Oxidative Stress in Dairy Cows

Greater efficiency and profitable production possible.

Just like humans, high-producing dairy cows are prone to oxidative stress - a condition where an imbalance occurs between the production of free radicals and the body's antioxidant mechanisms. Clinical signs of oxidative stress in cows may include: retained placenta, udder edema and mastitis, as well as delayed first estrus, delayed first breeding and repeat breeding resulting from failure to conceive or from early embryonic death.


A dairy cow's nutrition program can help maintain oxidative balance through the proper inclusion of antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. To help producers, Novus International has launched www.dairybalance.com. The site includes signs, proof, solutions and expert opinion pertinent to balancing oxidative stress in dairy cows.


The Ruminant Marketing Manager for Novus International, Stephanie Gable, says dealing with oxidative stress requires more energy from the animals that could be used for milk production, growth, longevity and overall animal productivity. A producer's ability to address and balance this reaction should result in more efficient and profitable production.

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