Webinar Replay: Changing Role of Retailers and Dealers Explored

Webinar Replay: Changing Role of Retailers and Dealers Explored

The way farmers buy seed and other inputs is changing with retail dealers getting a bigger role. This Webinar explores those trends - check out the replay.

The changing nature of technology farmers use has them looking for ways to maximize their performance. That changing role of the support services you use was explored in a special Webinar event on January 15, 2010.

Jim Thrift, vice president, regulatory policy and corporate relations for the Agricultural Retailers Association, along with Dave Rhylander, brand manager, Monsanto, talked about how dealers are working with farmers today and the changes ahead.

Thrift explored several hot topics his association is watching, including rules that could impact your farm as the U.S. government continues to be concerned about the products you handle in your operation from anhydrous ammonia to crop protection products. He notes that some regulators would like to stop the hauling of anhydrous cross country, which could have a significant impact on how you raise food.

Rhylander explores the changing ways seed is being sold and how Monsanto is working to train both retailers and farmer dealers to keep up with an ever-changing technology. The advance of stacked trait crops is just the beginning with new traits ahead including drought tolerant crops.

Check out the replay.

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