Weed Management Practices Will be Focus of Workshop

Weed Management Practices Will be Focus of Workshop

Farming in the Margins workshop is Feb. 18 in Garden City; will deal with no-till challenges including water, weed resistance.

Kansas no-till producers will get a chance to take a fresh look at weed management practices and coping with growing weed resistance to herbicides when the Farming in the Margins workshop convenes in Garden City on Feb. 18.

FOCUS ON WEED MANAGEMENT: The Farming in the Margins workshop in Garden City will give Kansas no-till producers a look at weed management practices and coping with growing weed resistance to herbicides.

Randy Anderson, research agronomist at the North Central Agriculture Research Laboratory in Brookings, South Dakota has been working on ecologically based pest management in cropping systems, an approach that requires looking at the biological aspects of weed dynamics, diverse crop rotation effects on weed populations and using living plants as a weed suppressant for organic producers.  His work includes a new approach where cultural tactics that disrupt weed population dynamics supplement herbicide performance.

Producers in the Central Great Plains are effectively controlling weeds with 50% less cost compared to conventional management relying on herbicides and tillage.

With the drought still on everyone's mind, Colorado NRCS Soil Conservation Technician, Storm Casper, will talk about water use. His session, Changing Marginal Thinking, will introduce new ideas on water use in our farming practices.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Engineer, Paul Jasa, will talk about no-till equipment. He has been evaluating planting equipment and tillage systems since 1978 and has become one of the best resources for equipment answers.

Kevin Dhuyvetter, who served over 26 years as a Kansas State University Professor and extension specialist and research economist, will discuss factors impacting farm profitability. Information on time-tested farming practices will be discusses as well as opportunities for new farming income streams.

The Farming In The Margins Workshop is designed to cover the topics that will help producers improve the bottom line. Registration is $95, and includes all sessions, materials notebook, lunch and snacks. Schedule, details and registration form can be found at www.HighPlainsNoTill.com.

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