Weigh In Before Oct. 15 on Meeting Renewable Fuel Standard

Weigh In Before Oct. 15 on Meeting Renewable Fuel Standard

USDA is still gathering input from stakeholders, including farmers on how to meet the goal of 36 billion gallons of renewable fuel by 2022.

Key players and stakeholders in USDA’s proposed roadmap for achieving the biofuel goals of the Renewable Fuels standard have until Oct. 15 – next Friday – to weigh in on what the agency proposes to do to meet that goal.

On Thursday, Farm Service Agency chief Adrian Polansky, explained to leaders in the ethanol industry the role they can play in making sure the plan for the future is successful and reasonable.

“We’re asking for your input. You are the experts at what the industry can do,” Polansky told the 30 or so people attending the Kansas Ethanol Summit in Wichita, a daylong planning and information session sponsored by the accounting firm Kennedy and Coe.

Polansky handed out a list of questions to help frame the discussion but the gist was to urge people with the greatest knowledge of industry to step in now and raise issues that might be a problem later to achieving the goals set forth for the industry.

Those who want to weigh in on the report can email comments to [email protected] or mail responses to Farm Service Agency, 3600 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan, Ks. 66503.

You can access a copy of the report at www.usda.gov/documents/USDA_Biofuels_Report_6232010.pdf.

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