Weld or Keep the Lights On

Miller offers portable MIG/backup generator.

Miller Electric's new Renegade 180 portable MIG welder offers improved farm/ranch and acreage welding flexibility as well as enough backup power to get you through emergencies.

The Renegade 180 can weld from 230VAC power in the shop, or go to the field with a 10 horsepower air-cooled OHV Kohler powerplant that runs the welder or can provide 30 amps capacity at 4500 watts. The machine is rated for 5,000 watts surge, and comes with two duplex 120VAC receptacles and a single 230VAC outlet.

As a welder, the Renegade 180 comes equipped to use flux-core wire for outside welding, but can easily be used as a MIG welder with shielding gas by connecting the gas supply and reversing polarity of the electrode. Also, an optional cylinder rack is available for the 275 lb. welder/generator.

PORTABLE POWER/WELDER: Miller's Renegade 180 offers ag producers and acreage owners portable welding

capacity as well as dependable electric power backup with its 5,000-watt peak rated generator.

Using solid or flux core wire, the Renegade 180 is capable of welding mild steer from thin 24 ga. sheetmetal to 5/16-inch material with wall power, and up to 1/4-inch material from generator power. Welding power ranges from 30 to 180 amps.

For aluminum applications, the portable welder is ready to go with the use of an optional aluminum spool gun feed assembly.

Suggested retail for the Renegade 180 is $2,677.

For more information, click on www.MillerWelds.com.

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