Western Coalition to Promote Healthy Landscapes

Western Coalition to Promote Healthy Landscapes

Group will work on pro-grassland agenda to help farmers and ranchers.

The Coalition for Conservation through Ranching is a new partnership between national, conservation-minded groups that share an interest in promoting open space for ranching and healthy landscapes. The coalition will support ranching on public and private lands in the West that is conducted in an ecologically sustainable way. It also aims to increase the understanding of complex issues between ranching and conservation and provide a forum to discuss the interaction between natural resource management and ranching.


The coalition will work on issues such as a pro-grasslands agenda including grassland research projects, specific species conservation projects and climate change, including raising the awareness of the role of grasslands on carbon sequestration.


"As cattlemen, we rely on healthy land to produce healthy livestock," said National Cattlemen's Beef Association President Gary Voogt. "And one of the biggest gauges we can use to judge the health of our land is the co-existence of wildlife alongside of our livestock."

Voogt pointed out that America's farmers and ranchers are always looking for ways to increase efficiencies and build upon existing stewardship practices to keep our land and animals healthy and continue providing safe, high-quality food for America's families. Bringing together leaders from industry and the environmental community, Voogt believes can help further these goals in a way that benefits our nation's land, animals and citizens.

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