Western Growers Answers Food Safety Concerns

CEO of Western Growers says the company is "aggressively" working to make food safer.

In response to safety concerns from food service and retail representatives, Western Growers CEO Tom Nassif says that the produce company is taking action to ensure food safety throughout the supply chain.

In a letter addressed to Tim Hammonds of the Food Marketing Institute, Donna Garren of the National Restaurants Association, and buyer representative Tim York, Nassif outlined the actions Western Growers has taken to keep food safe and keep consumers happy.

"We are aggressively working to develop a set of best food safety practices with industry, academic, buyer and regulatory input," he says. "The final product will be reviewed by an expert panel of food safety scientists named by industry and public health agencies."

Nassif says guidelines on the best food safety practices should be complete in December.

A safety-first approach requires cooperation and cost-sharing from others, Nassif says.

"The fact is, food safety must continue to be the top priority for not only our industry, but for all those who are involved in delivering product to the consumer. That priority will continue to have a cost and that cost must be shared by all those along the food chain, not just the growers and shippers."

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