Wet Weather Continues to Delay Corn and Soybean Progress

Crop conditions have improved since last week.

Corn and soybean progress nationally remained behind schedule due in large part to wet conditions in the Midwest. USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says only 3% of the corn crop is silking compared to the five year average of 9% and soybean blooming is at 4% nationally versus the usual of 11%. Emergence of both crops continues to lag behind, but Rippey says the conditions of both crops improved over last week.

"We did see some condition increases overall for the corn crop in the last week now rated 61% good to excellent," Rippey says. "In terms of the soybean condition, just a small upturn in condition nationally at 58% good to excellent, a point higher than last week but down from last year's 68% figure."

Winter wheat harvest is in full swing with several states such as Arkansas and North Carolina nearly done and four states in the past week had at least one-fifth of the crop harvested in that one week span. Nationally, 36% of the winter wheat crop has been harvested.

Dryness has been a concern in many cotton growing areas and Rippey says that trend is hurting the condition of the crop.

"Overall the crop now rated 45% good to excellent; 22% very poor to poor," Rippey says. "Last week we were looking at 47% good to excellent and 21% very poor to poor."

Rippey says several of the dry areas are seeing much worse conditions. Nearly 40% of Texas cotton is very poor to poor and 34% of South Carolina is rated very poor to poor.

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