Wheat Registry Remains Closed in Argentina

Government extends study into frost damage.

As many analysts expected, Argentina didn't re-open the wheat export registry Wednesday. The government closed the registry for five working days last Wednesday, Nov. 28, so the impact of the early November frost on the wheat crop could be studied. They've extended the closure for an additional 15 days.

The wheat export registry was opened two weeks ago for the first time since March and in that short time more than 7 million tons has been declared for export. The Argentine government is concerned that the recent frost over much of the nation's wheat producing area may decrease the crop enough to affect the domestic supply. According to the Argentine Ag Secretariat, they are using the extra time to get a better handle on exactly how much damage the frost caused and if exports need to be adjusted to maintain a domestic supply that will keep basic food prices stable.

According to USDA, Argentina will have about 11 million tons of wheat available for export from the estimated 15.5 million ton harvest. However, that estimate does not factor in damage from the frost. USDA is slated to release and updated forecast of the Argentine wheat crop next Tuesday, Dec. 11.

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