Wildlife Federation Calls for Repeal of Biofuels Incentives

Wildlife Federation Calls for Repeal of Biofuels Incentives

Industry responds that environmental obstructionism works against gaining energy independence.

A report issued by the National Wildlife Federation calls for the repeal of tax incentives for biofuels, saying they are duplicative with the existing Renewable Fuels Standard. The report also calls on Congress to alter the RFS to replace grain-based biofuel with other biofuels down the road; and remove the 'grandfather clause' for ethanol producers in the RFS. The federation also calls for a revision of the lifecycle analyses included in the RFS to more accurately reflect current ethanol production.

In reaction to the National Wildlife Federation report, the Renewable Fuels Association said that as is often the case, a new report from critics of biofuels promises immediate benefits from repealing current biofuel policies in favor of those that would take the world's most productive cropland out of production. Moreover, the report seeks to castigate current biofuel technologies while giving fossil fuels and other dirty energy sources a free pass.

RFS Director of Public Affairs Matt Hartwig says that America's ethanol producers are prepared to move ever-forward, commercializing the very technologies that groups like NWF espouse to support. However, Hartwig says the increasing obstruction by environmental activists, often supported by those in the fossil fuel industry, makes it exceedingly difficult to achieve the kind of energy security, economic opportunity, and environmental improvements the industry is  striving to achieve.

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