Wind Plant in Iowa President's First Stop on Main Street Tour

Wind Plant in Iowa President's First Stop on Main Street Tour

Obama says wind power is key component of energy future.

President Obama visited the Siemens Energy plant in Fort Madison, Iowa, Tuesday to ignite a new, clean-energy economy that generates good jobs in the United States. The Siemens plant manufactures blades for some of the most advanced wind turbines in the world. The President recognized the fact that each turbine is capable of generating enough power for hundreds of homes, just by harnessing the wind. He credited Siemens employees in helping stake America's claim on a clean-energy future.

The President commented on a study that suggests that if we pursue our full potential for wind energy, and everything else goes right, wind could generate as much as 20% of America's electricity 20 years from now. However, the Preside cautioned that wind power isn't a silver bullet, it's not going to solve all our energy challenges, but he called it a key component.

The President credited the Recovery Act with making the largest investment in clean energy in our nation's history. According to Obama, the Recovery Act helped make it possible for America to install nearly 10 gigawatts of new wind-generating capacity last year alone. Each new wind farm has the potential to create hundreds of construction jobs, and dozens of permanent local jobs in communities.

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