Wind Will Play Large Role in Energy Future

The goal of 25 by '25 will need a combined effort of all energy sources.

The new energy bill that was signed in December endorses 25x'25, which is the goal of 25% of the nation's energy being supplied by renewable resources by the year 2025. All renewable sources need to be developed to reach that goal. Allen Rider who is the volunteer leader of the 25x'25 Steering Committee says wind is an important energy source that is sometimes overlooked.

"Wind can be a formidable portion of that total energy package for the electricity side," Rider says. "And in fact in the future may even provide more of the transportation type fuels as we get to electric cars. It is an important part and logically has the potential to become 20 to 25% of the total energy package from the electrical standpoint."

To achieve that goal will require support for needed infrastructure and Rider says that will need help from the political process. Progress is being made to gain support from national leaders, but Rider says it's also important that the public understands and is informed about the potential of renewable energy.

"The trade offs associated with renewable energy are very positive for this country," Rider says. "So we need to continue to make sure that people have the facts, they understand the facts and they can understand the various activities that are going on."

According to Rider, many have already invested in renewable energy, and wind energy generation has seen tremendous growth throughout the country. In the last eight years the U.S.'s wind power capacity has increased more than 600%.

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