Windsock Designed for Chemical Application Projects

Device gives accurate speed/direction.

An age-old aviation device offers aerial applicators and farmers a low-tech solution to wind speed and direction questions in the form of Airport Windsock's new windsock designed especially for chemical application projects.

The agricultural windsock has been designed so the angle of the "funnel" indicates relevant wind speed to help determine the chance for "off-target" application. The socks come with a pole and universal mounting hardware for most spayer applications. The ag windsock retails for $39.95.

For more information click on, or call (800) 579-5135.

ANGLE OF THE DANGLE: Airport Windsock Corporation has introduced the new agricultural windsock which indicates wind speed according to the angle of the windsock's funnel. The ag windsocks come with a pole and mounting hardware for most sprayers.

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