Winter Hitting Dakotas, Bringing Wet Weather to Midwest

End is coming for warm dry weather pattern.

Much of the Dakotas may be experiencing high winds and upwards of six inches of snow by Wednesday night according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey. It shouldn't affect the winter wheat crop although livestock stress and corn lodging are potential problems. The storm is also triggering a system of thunderstorms that will affect other areas later this week.

"From the eastern plains through the Midwest and into the Mississippi Valley," Rippey says. "Those will be accompanied by locally severe winds blowing through some areas as the storms roll eastward."

Rippey says that is just the beginning and that another system of storms can be expected.

"It'll be imperative for folks that are still dry and warm at this point to get as much harvesting done as possible before conditions begin deteriorating later this week and on into next week," Rippey says.

After this week Rippey says almost the entire country will have transitioned from warm and dry to a generally cooler, wetter pattern that could be around for awhile.

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