Winter Wheat Planting is on Target

Emergence is also doing well.

In regards to winter wheat USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says the crop is nearly all seeded with 94% of the crop seeded, which is equal to the five year average.

"The only place we're seeing any season planting, and this is typical, is across the South and in California where only 30% is planted, but that is equal to the five year average," Rippey says.

Winter wheat emergence has reached 83%, which is only a point behind the five year average. The only real problem with emergence is in the northwest where it was dry early in the season but has turned wetter and cooler, hampering emergence.

"The winter wheat condition, still looking very good because the Plains have been wet and that certainly helped the majority of the crop; 68% good to excellent, only 6% very poor to poor," Rippey says. "Last year at this time those numbers were 49% and 16% respectively."

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