Wireless Monitoring With Vision Works

Interference-free remote camera helps you keep an eye on the place.

Here's an interference-free wireless remote camera to monitor livestock, fuel tanks, outbuildings, equipment yards and other farm and ranch areas. Smucker Manufacturing's Vision Works sells for $299 and offers numerous features.

Unlike older, analog, wireless systems the digital Vision Works produces no interference for Wifi, microwave or cordless telephones. Also, the system allows monitoring via internet or television connections and features infrared night vision. The unit is powered by battery or 110VAC household current, and can be panned, tilted and zoomed for better surveillance.

For more information, contact Smucker Mfg. at (800) 333-4503, or visit www.smucker.net.

AN EXTRA EYE: This surveillance camera offers infrared night vision, remote control sensing and digital, interference-free, signals for farm and ranch security. The Vision Works is available for $299.

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