Workshops to Address Generational Transition

Families need to think about passing along farm.

If the passage of the family farm from one generation to the next is something your family needs to think about, mark your calendar for any one a half-dozen workshops that Kansas State University Research and Extension will be holding in January.

"Keeping the Family Farming" workshops will be held on two separate dates in three locations across Kansas and will covering tax and legal issues, business entity options, estimating financial needs in retirement, strategies for transferring farm ownership, determining financial situations and details and conflict awareness and resolution.

Workshops will be held on Jan. 2 and Jan. 17 in Chanute, Jan. 3 and Jan. 16 in El Dorado and Jan. 10 and Jan. 30 in Garden City.

Registration is $225 per family up to four members, plus $75 per person for more than four members. After Dec. 15, the cost will go up to $300.

At the end of each meeting, families will have the option of meeting with someone from K-State's Farm Analyst program to talk about their personal situation.

To register for the workshops, contact Lavell Winsor at 785-313-4974 or by email at [email protected]. More information is also available online at

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