WTO is Reviewing Doha Documents

Chairman hopes to hold full membership meeting this week.

Delegates from World Trade Organization member nations are gathered in Geneva, Switzerland this week reviewing the revised agricultural negotiating texts that were released last week and discussing ways to build on them in the Doha Round of global trade talks. Agriculture Chairman Crawford Falconer of New Zealand says one goal is to have a narrowing of issues in time for a full membership meeting this week.

"At the moment I would envision having another session Friday afternoon to reflect at the end of the week in light of whatever discussions have taken place," Falconer says.

Even if progress is made this week and the meeting happens, Falconer says he sees member nations continuing talks on the revised draft modalities into next week.

"I frankly doubt whether we'll have got through everything we ought to get through by Friday," Falconer says. "But we can take that decision on Friday."

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