WTO Official Speaks Out

Calls on negotiators to maintain progress on Doha.

In Spain to address a High Level Meeting on Food Security, World Trade Organization Deputy Director-General Harsha Singh called on negotiators to continue the political focus on the Doha round of negotiations to conclude them. He said the emphasis calling on their successful conclusion needs to be maintained.

"In the Doha Round agriculture negotiations," Singh said. "Further progress was made even in the second half of last year on issues which were a stumbling block in the July Ministerial meeting."

He pointed to the negotiating group Chairman's paper that shows there are only a few key issues that are left to be addressed to conclude on modalities for agriculture. On trade facilitation too, WTO members have made considerable progress.

Concerning the present world-wide economic downturn, Singh said, "We continue to face a crisis with respect to food security. Even in this new situation, the underlying principles and conclusions encompassed in the Comprehensive Framework of Action and the Rome Declaration remain valid, and are even more urgent to emphasize."

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