You Grow It, We Burn It!

Biomass-burning heaters help curb liquid fuel bills.

Year-A-Round Corp. has a furnace aimed at fighting high liquid fuel bills, with its biomass-burning line of heaters.

With four models rated from 100,000 BTU to 950,000 BTU, the company's biomass furnaces are designed to burn solid fuels such as corn, beans, rye, flax, wood pellets and any other burnable palletized material. In some cases, Year-A-Round says users can save up to 40% on liquid fuel costs with their products.

The furnaces burn clean and clinker-free and feature an operator control panel so one can set and regulate the temperature. Other patent-pending features include an air-cooled corn feeder, agitator and airbox.
For more information on the biomass furnaces, call (507) 345-8500.

BIOMASS FURNACES: These biomass furnaces can save up to 40% on liquid fuel bills for heating says Year-A-Round Corp., maker of the solid-fuel heaters. Four models are available from 100,000 BTU to 950,000 BTU.

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