FuelMate trailer at a farm show
LOOK AND TALK: People at farm shows like to see what’s new, like this upgraded FuelMate trailer. But they also like to talk to other people and find products that may be useful, even if they’re not new.

Products, services you could use on your farm

Every useful product or idea found at a farm show is not necessarily new.

Why do you go to farm shows? Many people say it’s to see what’s new in technology. Farm shows are certainly the place to find new products. A team of Farm Progress editors found over 250 truly new products at recent farm shows. Look for these products to appear on this website grouped by categories in the near future.

You will find everything from automatic tire inflation systems for grain carts to the latest models of tractors and UTVs. Some products are so new, they may not even be on the market yet. Equipment people love to use farm shows as sounding boards to get feedback on prototypes and to test the market for their products.

Maybe you go to farm shows because you are looking for something specific. One exhibitor at the Farm Progress Show said he didn’t get tons of people walking onto his lot, but many who did were there to buy. That’s all the president of the company cared about, the sales rep quipped.

Or maybe you are just looking for products or services that may not be new, but that you don’t know about yet. New-to-you is a great concept. If you happen across a product or service that can help you become more efficient, do you really care if it’s brand-new or not?

Check out the products and services described here. They offer ways to get more power out of your equipment.

Increase tractor power and efficiency. If farmers wanted to turn up horsepower 40 years ago, they got out wrenches. Today, Ekotuning offers software to custom-tune the engine on nearly any farm vehicle for increased power and torque. The software adjusts the tractor’s engine control unit. Expect reduced overall fuel consumption. Choose from on-site programming or access to a personal programmer device. Visit ekotuning.com or contact a local dealer. Dealers in Indiana and Illinois include Sandy Brockelsby, Taylorville, Ill., 765-656-9520; Justin Langlois, Grant Park, Ill., 815-405-5438; Lee Blume, Brookston, Ind., 765-490-0600; and Cody Miller, Sharpsville, Ind., 765-480-1282.

Boost engine power. Agroecopower offers a service to increase power and reduce fuel consumption on tractors, sprayers, combines and other ag equipment powered by diesel engines. It involves a software modification, completely remapping the engine control unit. The service includes measuring engine performance on a dynamometer before and after modifications. Agroecopower has been tuning ag engines in Europe for a long time. A 30-day trial period is included. Visit agroecopower.com or call Denny Denhartog, Midwestern sales manager, at 563-940-2744.  

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